Personal Data Policy for Ifrågasätt 

Version 2.0, Published: 2019-10-28 

Members with an Ifrågasätt account are referred to the Personal Data Policy for Ifrågasätt Members available at

This Personal Data Policy relates to how Ifrågasätt Media Sverige AB, 559020-8624, referred to hereinafter as “Ifrågasätt”, processes personal data for non-members. 

Collection of personal data 

Ifrågasätt collects personal data from you when you contact us or when you are contacted by us, for example via our customer services, our website, by email, telephone or by other means. We therefore process personal data on the following categories of persons.

– Visitors, i.e. persons who visit our website.

– Interested parties, i.e. persons who contact us with questions or otherwise show an interest in our services.

– Recipients of marketing, i.e. persons who have registered to receive our newsletters or be part of our customer club or on whom we collect data through our social media.

– Partners, i.e. representatives of our existing or future partners.

– Suppliers, i.e. representatives of our suppliers.

In the first instance, we collect the personal data needed to enable us to answer your question or otherwise assist you or to meet any obligations such as sending out newsletters, press releases, etc. Ifrågasätt may also save your personal data in connection with sales of Ifrågasätt’s services, aimed at you or your employer.

Personal data is considered to mean all kinds of information that can be directly or indirectly linked to you as a person. We collect, where applicable, you name, title (if you are a representative of a company), email address, telephone number, address, personal identity number, IP address, connections to social media such as LinkedIn and any other contact details. Other personal data may also be saved in cases where you yourself choose to share such information with Ifrågasätt. 

Processing of personal data

Ifrågasätt processes personal data relating to you as a partner and a supplier pursuant to the fulfilment of an agreement or on the basis of the data being necessary in order to meet other legal obligations. For all categories, i.e. including for you as a visitor, interested party or recipient of marketing, Ifrågasätt also processes personal data pursuant to a balancing of interests. The processing is necessary for our legitimate interest in being able to develop our business and meet your needs as well as market our services that we think may be of interest to you. Our interest in processing your personal data for these purposes takes precedence over your possible interest in protecting your personal privacy in view of the potential benefit to you of business development and marketing.

In addition to the above, Ifrågasätt may process your personal data on the basis of consent which, in that case, will be obtained from you separately from this policy.

Ifrågasätt attaches great importance to processing personal data securely. Ifrågasätt adopts ongoing measures to meet the requirements imposed on processing of personal data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. We continually evaluate the risks associated with the processing of personal data that takes place and adopt necessary security measures to reduce those risks. This also includes continually training our personnel in data protection matters.

We care about your privacy and will ensure under all circumstances that we process your personal data in a lawful and correct manner, which means, inter alia, that

– we process personal data lawfully, accurately and transparently.

– we collect personal data for the stated, legitimate purposes set out in this policy and do not process the personal data in any way that is inconsistent with those purposes.

– the personal data we process is adequate, relevant and necessary for the purposes for which it is collected and used.

– the personal data we process is accurate and is kept updated to a reasonable extent.

Ifrågasätt uses a number of services from multiple suppliers in its day-to-day work. Since your personal data may be saved and used in these services, it means that we transfer personal data to the supplier, i.e. to a third party. In these cases, the supplier is our personal data processor and processes the data on our behalf and according to our instructions.

Since some of the suppliers and services that Ifrågasätt uses are based outside the area of the EU/EEA, Ifrågasätt may transfer your personal data to another company outside the area of the EU/EEA. This primarily relates to personal data that is stored in the support tool that Ifrågasätt uses. However, Ifrågasätt cares about personal data and will take necessary steps to ensure that any such transfer takes place in a lawful manner and that necessary agreements are in place for each supplier to regulate and protect the processing of personal data in the best possible manner.

Storage periods

Ifrågasätt saves your personal data for as long as is required for the purpose for which it is processed, for as long as a legal claim may be filed due to the agreement or if it is necessary to save the data in order to comply with legal requirements. We continuously sort out personal data which is no longer needed from our various systems such as our support tool and any email accounts.

For support cases or in other contact with Ifrågasätt, as a starting point we process your personal data during the period for which the communication is in progress or for as long as any commitments for Ifrågasätt continue to exist. Thereafter, the data will be saved for up to one year if we have no reason to save it for a longer period due to performance of agreements or because the data is necessary in order to meet other legal obligations.

If you subscribe to any of Ifrågasätt’s newsletters, we save your personal data until you choose to stop receiving the mailings.

Your rights

 You may withdraw your consent for processing of personal data at any time.

In the event of a withdrawal of consent for processing of personal data, Ifrågasätt will no longer be able to deal with any commitments such as mailing of newsletters, press releases, job applications, etc.

You are also entitled to issue a written request for access to the data relating to you. The request must be issued in writing and signed.

You are also entitled to ask for incorrect or incorrectly processed data to be corrected or, in certain circumstances, restricted.

You also have a right to ask to have your data erased, for example if it is no longer necessary for the purposes of the processing. However, there may be legal requirements or contractual relationships that prevent us from deleting the data.

You are entitled to object to personal data processing at any time if the legal basis of the processing consists of a balancing of interests. However, if Ifrågasätt’s legitimate interest in the processing outweighs your interest in privacy, we have a right to continue processing the personal data despite your objection. You are also entitled to object to processing of personal data if it is being processed for direct marketing purposes. In the event of any such objection, we will delete the personal data processed for this purpose as soon as possible.

You are also entitled to receive an extract of the personal data relating to you that you have provided to Ifrågasätt and to store the data or transfer it to another personal data controller (Right to data portability) provided, inter alia, that such is technically possible.

Personal Data Controller

Ifrågasätt Media Sverige AB, 559020-8624, is the personal data controller for processing your personal data and can be contacted at Ifrågasätt Media Sverige AB, Box 940, 220 09 Lund, Sweden, +46 (0) 40-370 360 or at

If you consider that your personal data has been incorrectly processed by Ifrågasätt, you can file a complaint with the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection and request legal redress. The contact details for the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection are Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten, Box 8114, 104 20 Stockholm, Sweden or

Requests for access to personal data, withdrawal of consent or exercise of any of the other rights referred to in the above paragraphs must be issued in writing and sent to Ifrågasätt’s postal address or to  


Ifrågasätt’s services and websites use cookies to improve experiences, for advertising and to be able to develop the websites and the services. However, information such as statistics is stored anonymously and no personal data is saved by Ifrågasätt for non-members. Some personal data (e.g. IP addresses) may be handled by cookies. However, this data is not saved by Ifrågasätt.

You are welcome to read more about how Ifrågasätt uses cookies at

Changes/updates and applicable law

Ifrågasätt reserves the right to amend and update this policy. In the event of substantial changes to the policy or if existing data shall be processed in a manner other than as specified in the policy, Ifrågasätt will provide information on this in a suitable manner. 

This policy shall be subject to the laws of Sweden.

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